Welcome to Makai Chocolate

Makai Chocolate is made from cacao grown exclusively on the Hamakua Coast on the Island of Hawaii.

Buy our chocolate at the 32nd Annual Hilo Christmas Extravaganza Craft Fair November 22-23, 2019, at the Edith Kanakaole Tennis Stadium in Hilo.

Information on other ways to buy our chocolate will be posted here soon.

In the Hawaiian language, Makai means "toward the ocean."
Our farm is on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.
Our location on the lower slope of Mauna Kea is ideal for growing cacao to make the best chocolate.

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Deep Dirt Farm

Makai Chocolate is a trademark of Deep Dirt Farm LLC

Our Makai Chocolate logo was designed by local graphic artist Linda Huff.
She may be contacted at linisaustinfan@gmail.com.